After my travels to Belgrade, Serbia I became inspired by how much the students care about their education. I conducted interviews, documented my trip, and when I came back to the states with photos, interviews I knew I wanted to create a persona driven project for students in the United States. believe that students need to understand and have an appreciation for the world around them. As a designer I wanted to create something that could spark gratitude and recognition.  

I felt I had a responsibility to represent Serbia in a beautiful way. For a country that has been through war, genocide, and has one of the longest histories in Europe, the people have a loyalty to their country that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. erbia is a country that does not get much acknowledgment. Majority of American's have no idea where it is in the world even after all of the trauma this country has been through. 

I derived the question– How can graphic design create a meaningful experience in a 9th grade history class by contextualizing a current culture and generate a sense of empathy through the use of personas?

My goal was to create a printed system that could be used by students and a tool for teachers. I designed a printed artifact so the experience is a personal one. It can be written on, hung up, and passed around. After conducting research regarding education, classroom settings, and talking to teacher I learned that students are interested in history and other cultures. My goal is to take that interest beyond the classroom. y creating a persona based experience the student has a person to connect to. They can read and see images that relate to their "Serbian," in this case, in a personal way. They can discover the connections of their person and how their life events line up with those events in history. 

I think this is better than just reading a book. All of the pictures make me want to read the information. - Hunter, age 14

"My Story" could be for any culture, city, or country. Serbia is a pilot for what could potentially come about. I am hoping that these prints will also represent the Serbian people appropriately. I hope that those who know nothing about Serbia will see the giving, spirited, and traditional community of people that they are. 

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The video above is a collection of footage clips taken while in Belgrade.